REBOA Access Task Trainer (RATT)

Pulsatile Simulator


Training is an essential part of any REBOA program. The RATT is a pulsatile flow loop that supports clinically accurate conditions for arterial access and REBOA catheter placement. It has an ultrasound compatible thigh patch with internal bony landmarks to allow for percutaneous and surgical access training for both artery and vein.


The main components of the RATT model are:

• The body which contains a simulated aorta, vena cava, thigh patch and access point.

• The pump and sump. The pump accurately simulates the range of blood pressures seen in the emergency and critical care environment.

• A fluid bag with pressure cuff to simulate venous pressures.

• A tablet to control the pump and display pressure readouts.








RATT Pulsatile Simulator


Ordering Information

Item Name: (RATT) Pulsatile Simulator

Item Number: RATT401

Toll free number: 844.806.4080

Fax: 210.558.1860

Number of level I trauma centers 78

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